A Sneak Peek Inside The Upcoming Epic, Shaygan

Shaygan. An ancient word from a long-forgotten world. A word remembered only by a few surviving mages of a disbanded order before the door was sealed for good.

In a time when a rogue virus sweeps across Sicon, a son searches for the redemption of his father’s name. A mage seeks revenge on a disease that took his sister’s life. Now, two worlds must resolve the bitter blood between them if either civilization is to withstand extinction.

Get a free look inside my upcoming release of the fantasy epic, Shaygan. Now available for download at http://www.amazon.com/Shaygan-Sneak-Preview-ebook/dp/B00A9UTPD4 and http://www.goodreads.com/ebooks/download/16158937-shaygan

And thank you to those that have already swung by to get a free copy. I was quite surprised to see it in Amazon’s Top 100 best sellers for Epic Fantasy… sitting next to Terry Brooks no less.

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2 Responses to A Sneak Peek Inside The Upcoming Epic, Shaygan

  1. Thanks for the visit at CCR book covers. I’ll be glad to help when you’re ready.

    • drumwvu says:

      And thank you. With this preview already breaking into the top 100 on Amazon, and setting next to the likes of Terry Brooks, this may happen sooner than later. Thanks again for your offer.

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