A Classic Myth With A Twist, Please

That is the best way to describe what is a wonderful work by the up and coming writer, Luciana Cavallaro. In this week’s Blog Tour, we will highlight Ms. Cavallaro’s work, Aphrodite’s Curse.

This story takes a look into the myth of Aphrodite and her ultimate demise through a slow acting poison. Now I know what some of you might be thinking — ‘another one of those tales, eh?’ Well, you’d be wrong in that assumption. I won’t spoil the fun of the story, but I can tell you that it is written in a fresh and unique style that keeps the reader engaged. You’ll have to click on over to the Blog Tour page here, and link up with the story to see for yourselves.

The story does offer a wide array of characters, multiple unfolding story threads, love, treachery and of course,  a tragedy. It is written in a level of diction that suits the tale very well. The flow of the story is smooth, and the characters are very approachable.  Cavallaro’s writing style coupled with her unique spin on classic mythology will be sure to please any reader of the genre, and make a great holiday gift.

Be sure to roll over to the Blog Tour page here, and get the full bio on Luciana Cavallaro as well as get access to her intriguing work.

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