A Free Look Inside My New Sci-Fi Thriller

In the heart of the twenty-first century crime does pay, if you’re in the Hunter Cell. Due to overcrowding in the pens and a lack of funds, the whole criminal process has been streamlined. You commit a crime, your file is uploaded to the Cloud Courts and the system renders a verdict. If the conviction falls under one of those listed in Executive Order nineteen-triple-six, you are sentenced to death by assassination. You won’t know where. You won’t know when. You won’t know who.

The Hunter Cell is a government sponsored enigmatic organization. They are legal assassins ordered to clean up the dregs of society and take out our social trash. Conspiracy theorists speculate on their existence. Public media only gets whispers of their actions. The law turns a blind eye to their aftermath. The Hunter Cell is coming. Just pray that they aren’t coming for you.


Free now through December 24, 2012.  You can also keep up with the agents at: http://www.huntercell.wordpress.com.

hunter cell_SP


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