When The Magic Has Gone. 3 Ways To Inspire and Ignite The Fire

Yet another holiday season has come and gone. The gifts have been opened, and some are being returned. We always look forward to this time of year, but why? I did a little digging for you, and came up with a few possibilities for this phenomenon. First off, there’s the great level of anticipation. The neatly wrapped gifts nestled under the soft glow of the lights. That part of your inner child that jumps up and down at the notion of the impossible being real. Then there’s the feeling you get from giving to someone else. We all love to experience the emotional high attained through the joy of someone we cherish. So, how can you channel these feelings all year long, and make your lives and work more fulfilling?

1. Set yourself some reasonable goals.

What are your goals? Do you want to win a few photo or painting competitions in the upcoming year? Do you want to write the next great novel? Are you wanting to save money to take the family on that dream vacation in the summer? In any case, General Omar Bradley said it best: “Plan your work, and then work your plan.” Sit down and come up with your goals. Then list out the smaller steps that you plan to take in order to get there. The anticipation of working toward that next step should keep the magic alive.

2. Remove the words don’t, can’t and won’t from your vocabulary.

It should come as easily to you as breathing. If these negative thoughts and words exist in your own mind and words then you’re only dooming yourself to failure. Take a while to look into your own thought processes. Why are you not accomplishing the goals that you set out to achieve? Are you sabotaging your own progress. Do away with these words. No excuses. Get out there and do it!

I work in the writing sphere. There are plenty of people out there that will tell you that you can’t make it, or that your work won’t make the grade.  There is room enough in this line of work for everyone’s voice to be heard. In my experiences, the only people telling me that I couldn’t do it were the same ones that were afraid of losing the sales of their own mediocre works. The same holds true in baking, art, music and everything else. No one is stopping you, but you.

3. Remember to give a little.

This is especially important if you’re in the fields of entertainment, or starting up a small business. The best way to get your materials out into the masses is to give away some free samples. Let the word of mouth spread. I’ll share my three steps that I use religiously to move my work, and it has yet to fail. They are (and in this exact order): visibility, virality and vitality. First, you need to make your efforts known to everyone. You may be the next Kinkaid, but if no one knows that you exist then you won’t go far. Next is achieving virality. In today’s virtual marketplace, your successful expansion starts with the first sale. That first customer may make or break your product’s success. If they love it they’ll spread the word thereby doing some of the marketing for you. Virality is a powerful tool, and one that is hard to quantify. Finally, you must maintain your imprint in your chosen niche. Once you have your first masterpiece out in the ears, mouths and minds of the masses it’s time to follow it up with another product that won’t disappoint.

There you go. Take these concepts to heart. Perhaps your dreams will be fulfilled as well. Best wishes in the coming year. Make it a great one!


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