That’s It! I’m Outta Here!

dot coverborder 

That’s me right there. No, not there. I’m over there at the end of the sentence. You see? That is my whole problem. I’m just that little spec at the end of a line that everyone brushes past. Sure, on occasion I might get decorated if someone is extremely excited, or if they have a question. Beyond that, I’m nothing more than a plain old dot.

Well, I’m tired of just being a dot. I want to get out and be something more! It’s time that I went out in search of a higher purpose in life. So, if you don’t see me at the end of this sentence, you’ll at least know where I’ve gone

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3 Responses to That’s It! I’m Outta Here!

  1. Peter Tong says:

    Great. Really loved it.

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