Who Needs A Superhero?

The last couple of weeks have been trying on my family. The older two kids came down with the flu over the 11th and 12th. This put a great deal more strain on my wife in terms of everything really. As a homemaker, she rules the roost at the Chateau Dyer. There are too many times like these that go by, and her accomplishments aren’t appreciated. Well, no more. She’s a SuperSpouse.

Case in point: I came down with the same virus last Tuesday, and got put out of commission on the couch for the rest of the week. What does my wife do? What any great spouse would — she sucked it up and took care of everything around the house including my infected butt. She cooked all of the meals, cleaned all of the beds, the rooms, floors and went out to get more supplies for everyone on top of it all. She sacrificed more than one person should. For that, and so much more, my kids and I are eternally grateful to her for her selfless dedication to our family. I don’t know of any other way to say it. She’s a SuperSpouse. Thank you, dear — for all that you do for us on a daily basis.

And thank you to all of you homemakers out there. Your efforts and sacrifices don’t (and shouldn’t) go unnoticed.

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2 Responses to Who Needs A Superhero?

  1. wyrdpooka says:

    http://pinterest.com/pin/126593439497414962/ hope your feeling better soon. pic is crochet flue bug getting splatted 🙂

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