The Journal Of A Generation

After long thought and even more research, I have decided to put together a project of social experiment. If you’re a conscious human being then you’ve likely seen enough pessimism in the news and media to lead you to believe that our society is crumbling all around us. We as a human race would appear to be on the fast track to self-destruction. I don’t buy it — not for a second. Sure, we have our issues and problems. Governments around the globe vie for power, sovereignty, and resources at the expense of others. With all of the violence, we have become a paranoid culture. However, we shouldn’t throw in the towel just yet. 

What I’m proposing is we put together a journal that shows that we have a voice. A work that speaks for our time, our era. I want to put a journal out there that everyone from every walk of life from every corner of the world can take part in, and prove once and for all that there’s only one race here — the human race. I’d be willing to bet a dollar to a stale doughnut that you’ll find that we all have more in common than not. To this end, I will start the project off with my own journal entry below. I would urge you to participate in a project that very well may go farther than any one of us could imagine. The instructions for posting your own entry follow mine at the end of this post. I look forward to reading everyone’s entries. Let’s make a change.

Feb. 7, 2013

I am Joshua Dyer. I live in a small town in West Virginia. I have a wonderful wife and three young children. No pets. More than half of my family’s allergic. I love them more than anything. They are the reason that I write, cook and a great many other things. They continue to inspire me every single day. I love to write. I’ll cyber-jabber on just about anything. I get a kick out of telling stories. I don’t do it for the financial gain, but because I love doing it. It’s more of a therapy for me. I also love to cook. I have yet to kill anyone, so I guess I’m not too bad at it.

My corner of the world is a beautiful one. We’re surrounded by hills, fresh air, fresh fruits and veggies and good people. This time of year tends to be brutal. We can get hit with ice and snow at the drop of a hat. The summers are warm and filled with a lot of outdoor activities. My kids and I love to hike the trails in the nearby parks, or feed the ducks at the pond.

It’s not all sunshine and roses, though. Our region is still plagued with unemployment. Lots of my neighbors are being forced to sell their dream homes as a result. The times may be tough, but we still pull one another up off of the ground if need be. That’s what being a part of any community is all about after all.


Well, there’s my start to this! If you would like to make your own entry (and I hope that you do) then follow these quick instructions to make your own entry. The first step to push this journal forward is to reblog it on your site. From there, just add your own comment. You can either let the comment serve as your entry, or the more prefered way would be to add a link back to your own journal post on your blog in the comment field. If you choose this route then simply title the entry ‘Journal Of A Generation’, put in your entry and request that any other interested parties reblog this original post with their own comments/link backs and push it forward.

Now it’s all up to you.

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One Response to The Journal Of A Generation

  1. wyrdpooka says:

    hey di how, I think what your doing here is a fine thing. We all have the power to make a difference, we so often forget that. The darkest nights gives the candles glow the most power. I have a story, you may find interesting (though full warning, parts are not g rated.) I had an adventure when I lived in San Francisco. one that does fit with your theme, but is both long, complex, and hard to believe. Heck I lived it and I’m still in a sate of ‘ohh you have to be kidding me, boggle headed Huu??’ over it all. But even if you only believe half (the parts I have the links and papers to prove) It does in the end show how, by not giving up, not sitting down, speaking up and holding true to yourself can make a difference. Madness, Murder, Mobsters, Sex and Real estate. Drinking tea with an empty cup. one mad whores true story.
    either it’s a story of how a gal lost her fracking mind but kept her sense of humor and managed in the end to keep a hospital from being closed. Or it’s a story of a woman who had a very bad landlord who tried to have her murdered. She stayed alive, kept her sense of humor and managed in the end to keep a hospital from being closed.
    I leave it up to you all which you think is true. (warning, my spelling and grammar usage are umm creative )

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