A Bit On Inspiration

I’ve read it in at least a dozen different places. It has sparked numerous debates on whether or not it even helps a writer out. What I’m talking about here is a little music in the background for inspiration’s sake. I’m from the school of thought that it inspires and motivates the writer. Other writers might argue that it is an unnecessary distraction. I suppose that it comes down to a judgment call for each of us.

For me, I listen to everything and it shines through in my work. When I write children’s stories I like to listen to Debussy, Tchaikovsky, Holst, and John Williams. For fantasy works I enjoy some good Holst, or an album from Two Steps From Hell. For my latest sci-fi/thriller, Hunter Cell (due out very soon), I went with tunes that embodied the scenes and characters. Below is a playlist of music that I used to help shape my characters and the overall story. If it relates to a character I’ve added that persona next to each:

Paper Doll   The Mills’ Brothers

China Girl  David Bowie (Ivy)

Cowboys From Hell   Pantera (Rider, Judge, Sledge)

It’s No Good   Depeche Mode (Ivy)

The Assassin  Iron Maiden (Katana)

Primal Concrete Sledge  Pantera (Sledge)

Galaxia  Gypsie Kings (Sledge, Rider)

More Human Than Human  White Zombie (Steam Punk)

Looks That Kill  Motley Cru (Max)

Night Shift  The Commodores  (Sledge)

Destructo  Two Steps From Hell (Cerberus Group: Jagger, Troy, Dominic and Borg)

Barrel Of A Gun  Depeche Mode (Pat McGarren)

The Last Stand  Two Steps From Hell

I use the cloud player on Amazon for easy transport, but these tunes are available everywhere. What are your thoughts on this subject? Do you view music as a help or hindrance when you’re working on a project?





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2 Responses to A Bit On Inspiration

  1. Peter Tong says:

    Love all music, especially recorded live or broadcast live, but cannot write with it on, although have written in a room with musak in the background and I was so focused on my work it didn’t intrude – I must have blanked it off. I do watch movies during my down time though and pick stuff that is in keeping with the mood. And if I say catch a comedy by mistake when writing a thriller, it take ten – 15 minutes pr an hour to stop reading the previous few pages as comic. Frighteningly weird.

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