The End of Innocence

Flash Point Theater


“I came here as soon as I could,” I said setting down in the freshly cut grass.

The sun peaked up over the distant rolling hillside casting a violet hue into the drifting cirrus clouds.

“I would have gotten here sooner, but my tour didn’t end until just last week.”

I brought my knees up and huddled them close to my chest.

“I had a lay over in Germany for medical. You’d never believe what kind of junk you have to go through just to get back to where you were born.”

Beads of dew still sat like a crystalline sea that stretched out forever in front of me.

“You remember when we were kids,” I said with a laugh. “One memory sticks out in my mind more than any of the others. I can’t explain why, but it does. We couldn’t have been more than eight or nine…

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