My new book is free  from Sept. 18 – 22. Shootouts, love, gambling, zombies and mayhem… Enjoy.

Axe and Emerald cover silver

Rhone McLean can only watch his entire world burn as his wife’s lifeless body
disappears into the raging inferno. A mysterious cowboy in black emerges from
the ashes of Rhone’s home with a message of hope. His words push McLean into a
quest to free Clara, but how much of himself is he ready to sacrifice?

As the nation heals from the deep wounds of a bloody Civil War, McLean ventures
into the underbelly of the Western frontier. Here Rhone must confront his worst
fear if he is to lower the veil and cross the fog in to the macabre world where
Clara is imprisoned.

The Forces of Creation and Destruction position their
pieces as their eternal conflict nears its boiling point. With the help of the
Pegasus, Bellerophon, Rhone attempts to liberate the seven Towers of Light from
the Baron and his legions of the damned and restore balance to Everdark. He will
soon learn that the path to Clara passes through the Stones of Power and the
collapse of the Dark Territories. Rhone must endure more than Hell if he ever
wants to see his wife again.


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  1. drumwvu says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings Of A Hillbilly and commented:

    The old hillbilly town of Lost Creek, WV gets its big debut in this little story.

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