Fun Sci-Fi At The Best Price

Free! Hunter Cell will be in a special promotional phase from now through March 22nd on Please go grab a copy while the getting is good. If you like it then just leave a quick review. Thanks again for your support.

In the near future, the death penalty comes at the hands of a well-oiled killing machine given the legal authority by their government to assassinate US criminals.  The threads of their perfect system are unraveling. Their lives and those of their families are in danger. America’s best hunters are becoming the hunted.


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2 Responses to Fun Sci-Fi At The Best Price

  1. Alan Ballantyne says:

    Loved Hunter Cell and can’t wait for the next book. What a great and unique concept. When is the next one due can you tell me please?

    • drumwvu says:

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed it. The next one is in production and will likely emerge in three months. Please spread the word.

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