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Watch “Kid’s Action Figure Club” on YouTube

I always encourage entrepreneurship with my kids. That’s what this country’s founded on after all. This is my son’s action figure club channel. Not a bad start for a nine-year-old. Go get em, buddy. Advertisements

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That’s It! I’m Outta Here!

  That’s me right there. No, not there. I’m over there at the end of the sentence. You see? That is my whole problem. I’m just that little spec at the end of a line that everyone brushes past. Sure, on … Continue reading

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Cloud Runner

The holidays are upon us once again, and with that I am able to recall the rush of feelings associated with them. The long lines, people getting killed at Wal-Mart, the singing appliances… Most importantly, though, I remember the feelings … Continue reading

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Chloe’s Corner

My name is Chloe, and I am somewhere between this many (holds up one stubby finger) and this many (holds up two). I’m sure of this because I distinctly remember the yummy puppy dog birthday cake that Mommy and Daddy … Continue reading

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